Eduardo Ferrera


NameEduardo Ferrera
AddressSchützenbahn 70
Building SA
45127 Essen

Research Interest

  • Multi-Robot team coordination.
  • Collision avoidance with acceleration constraints.
  • Distributed Systems.
  • Simultaneous Localization and Mapping.
  • RSSI-based Indoor Localization Systems.


October 2012 – present:
PhD Student in Robotics (EQF level 8)
University Duisburg-Essen
Specialization: Multi-robot Wireless Calibration for Human Positioning Systems

October 2005 – October 2012:

Telecommunications Engineering (EQF level 7)
University of Sevilla
Specialization: Remote Control and Robotics.

Work Experience

November 2012 – present:
Research Assistant at the Networked Embedded Systems group (NES)
– Research:
        Distributed navigation system to calibrate Human Positioning Systems.
        Auto-coordinated collision avoidance system with acceleration constraints.
– Responsabilities:
        Robotic Laboratory.
        Multi-robot Testbed based on ROS architecture.
        Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab).
        3 x Student Assistant (HiWi)
– Developments:
        Coordinated team of robots.
               4 x Turtlebot 2
               1 x Turtlebot 3 Burguer
               2 x Parrot AR2.0
        Fabrication Laboratory.
               3 x Ultimaker 2+
               Zortrax 200M
               Zing 30W Laser Cutter
        Matlab-based Multirobot Simulator (MiMicS)
        Augmented reality based indoor localization system (under construction)
        Tag-based indoor localization and navigation system for drones (under construction)

March 2012 – August 2012:
Erasmus Practice Scholarship at the Networked Embedded Systems group (NES)
– Research:
        Development of a mini-robot able to monitor the status of a TelosB network. Planet project.
– Developments:
        All terrain Mini-Robot Arduino based.
December 2010 – October 2012:
Research Scholar at the Robotic, Vision and Control group (GRVC)
– Research:
        Multi-robot Collision Avoidance systems.
– Developments:
        Multi-robot simulator in Matlab/Simulink.
        Multi-robot interface between Matlab and Player/Stage.


Project Group:
  • Unmanned middle-size Ground Robots, SS 2017
  • Autonomous Robot Navigation, SS 2016
  • Autonomous Robot Navigation, SS 2015
  • Autonomous Robot Navigation, SS 2014
  • Autonomous Robot Navigation, WS 2013/14
  • Autonomous Navigation for Middle-size Robots, WS 2016/17
  • Autonomous Navigation for Middle-size Robots, WS 2015/16
  • Autonomous Navigation for Middle-size Robots, WS 2014/15
  • Autonomous Navigation for Middle-size Robots, WS 2013/14
  • Programmieren in C/C++, SS 2013

Bachelor and Master Thesis

  • BT: Design and implementation of local navigation algorithms for an autonomous drone,  SS16
  • BT: Plugins for local planning algorithms within the Navigation Stack of ROS,                    SS16
  • MT: ArUco, an augmented reality-based system to perform robotic indoor localization,   WS15/16
  • MT: Decentralized Conflict Resolution System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,                 WS15/16
  • MT: Robotic Enviromental Monitoring comparaison for indoor enviroments,                     WS15/16
  • MT: Design and Evaluation of a low-cost multipurpose Robot,                                          WS12/13



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