Position:Office Managerin
Address:Schützenbahn 70
Building SA
45127 Essen
Room:S-A 124

Office Hours

Tuesday - Thursday 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. at University Duisburg-Essen

Monday and Friday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Phone: +49-177-7489768

Task Areas

  • Budget management of the department 
  • Staff management of the department 
  • Supply management of the department 
  • Administrative and financial coordination and management of projects,
  • Support in legal issues of Projects
  • Head of administrative and financial tasks of UBICITEC e.V.
  • Public relations and corporate design of the Network Embedded Systems Group
  • Organization and lead through of events
  • Organization of the department office
  • Safety officer (Sicherheitsbeauftragte)
  • First aider
  • Spokeswoman of U-N-S (UDE Netzwerk Sekretariate)
  • Equal opportunities officer for the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte der Fak. Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
  • Member of the Equality Commission (Mitglied der Gleichstellungskommission)


Projects coordinated by NES and funded by the EU

CONET (Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence)

PLANET (Platform for the Deployment and Operation of Heterogeneous   

              Networked Cooperating Objects )

GAMBAS (Generic Adaptive Middleware for Behavior-driven Autonomous  




Projects as projectpartner funded by the EU

PECES (Pervasive Computing in Embedded Systems)

NOBEL (Neighbourhood Oriented Brokerage ELectricity and monitoring system)

EC-SAFEMOBIL (Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility

                           Cooperative Industrial Systems)

SMARTKYE (Smart Grid Key Neighborhood Indicator Cockpit (SmartKye)

BESOS (Building Energy decision Support systems fOr Smart cities)



National projects

WebDA (Web-based Services for Elderly People and their Families)


SEVERE (Self-healing Networked Embedded Systems)


Research Institutions 

UBICITEC e.V. (The European Center for Ubiquitous Technologies and Smart Cities)


Industrial Cooperations