BESOS – New Project funded by European Commission

The project is part of the EU FP7 program, whose main goal is the gradual reduction of the EU’s carbon footprint via development and application of new technologies, i.e. making the European economy more energy efficient and sustainable through use of advanced technology.
In this context, the aim of BESOS project is to enhance existing neighborhoods with a decision support system to provide coordinated management of public infrastructures in Smart Cities, and at the same time to provide citizens with information to promote sustainability and energy efficiency. 
BESOS project started in October 2013 and its activity will continue for 3 years. The project is developed by an international consortium that includes 10 entities of 4 different countries – Germany, Greece, Portugal and Spain -.
Barcelona and Lisbon will play a critical role in BESOS project, based on their commitment to sustainability, efficiency and respect for the environment. Both cities will host the pilot tests of the technologies developed during the project. In this way, it will be demonstrated how technology can help to reduce energy consumption without compromising the quality of services provide to citizens. 
Together with the Barcelona and Lisbon in BESOS, it is noteworthy the presence of the Spanish company ETRA I+D- company coordinator of the consortium that develops the project-. 
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