Elke Schulte-Lippern


NameElke Schulte-Lippern
PositionOffice Managerin
Phone+49 177 7489768
AddressSchützenbahn 70
Building SA
45127 Essen
Office hoursTue - Thu 9:00-18:00
Mon & Fri 9:00-15:00

Task Areas

  • Budget management of the department
  • Staff management of the department
  • Supply management of the department
  • Administrative and financial coordination and management of projects,
  • Management of legal issues of Projects
  • Head of administrative and financial tasks of UBICITEC e.V.
  • Public relations and corporate design of the Network Embedded Systems Group
  • Organization and lead through of events
  • Organization of the department office
  • Safety officer (Sicherheitsbeauftragte)
  • First aider (Ersthelfer)
  • Spokeswoman of U-N-S (Sprecherin UDE Netzwerk Sekretariate)
  • Equal opportunities officer for the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte der Fak. Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
  • Member of the Equality Commission (Mitglied der Gleichstellungskommission)


Projects coordinated by NES and funded by the EU

  • CONET (Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence)
  • PLANET (Platform for the Deployment and Operation of Heterogeneous Networked Cooperating Objects )
  • GAMBAS (Generic Adaptive Middleware for Behavior-driven Autonomous Services)

Projects as projectpartner funded by the EU

  • PECES (Pervasive Computing in Embedded Systems)
  • NOBEL (Neighbourhood Oriented Brokerage ELectricity and monitoring system)
  • EC-SAFEMOBIL (Estimation and Control for Safe Wireless High Mobility Cooperative Industrial Systems)
  • SMARTKYE (Smart Grid Key Neighborhood Indicator Cockpit)
  • BESOS (Building Energy decision Support systems fOr Smart cities)
  • InWaterSense

National projects

  • WebDA (Web-based Services for Elderly People and their Families)
  • Living++
  • SEVERE (Self-healing Networked Embedded Systems)
  • FAIR 
  •  SMATA
  •  InnaMoRuhr 
  •  GUIDE

Research Institutions

  • UBICITEC e.V. (The European Center for Ubiquitous Technologies and Smart Cities)