Dr. Marcus Handte


NameMarcus Handte
PositionSenior Researcher
AddressSchützenbahn 70
Building SA
45127 Essen


  • 2013 – Habilitation in Computer Science from Universität Duisburg-Essen (Topic: A Framework for Context-aware Applications)
  • 2009PhD in Natural Sciences from Universität Stuttgart (Topic: System-support for Adaptive Pervasive Applications)
  • 2003Diplom in Computer Science from Universität Stuttgart (Specializations: Software Engineering, Distributed Systems)
  • 2002Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta (Specialization: Programming Languages)
  • 1997Abitur from Albert-Schäffle-Schule in Nürtingen (Specializations: Mathematics, Business Administration)


  • Since 11.2009 Universität Duisburg-Essen, Senior Researcher (Networked Embedded Systems)
  • 08.2007–10.2009 Fraunhofer IAIS, Researcher and Project Leader (Cooperating Objects)
  • 08.2003–07.2007 Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Parallele und Verteilte Systeme, Researcher (Distributed Systems)
  • 01.2002–07.2002 Georgia Institute of Technology, Research Assistant (Programming Languages)
  • 09.2002–12.2002 T-Systems GEI GmbH, Intern, (Software Consulting)
  • 07.2000–12.2000 debis Systemhaus MEB GmbH, Freelance Software Developer (Product Development)


  • MOIN (BMVI, MFUND) – A Nationwide Mobility Index
  • INNAMORUHR (VM NRW) – Integrated and sustainable mobility for Ruhr
  • TALAKO (BMWI) – Inductive taxi charging concept for public spaces
  • SMATA (BMVI, MFUND) – Smart platform for the data-driven networking of taxi and charging operations
  • FAIR (BMVI, MFUND) – A user-friendly provisioning of climate and weather data
  • SIMON (FP7, CIP) – Assisted Mobility for Older and Impaired Users
  • GAMBAS (FP7, STREP) – Adaptive Data Acquisition, Privacy-preserving Sharing
  • LIVING++ (BMWi, EraSME) – Automatic Activity Recognition, Communication
  • WEBDA (BMBF, AAL) – RFID-based Object Localization and Person Tracking
  • PECES (FP7, STREP) – Secure Communication, Trustworhty Context Management
  • 3PC (DFG, SP1140) – Peer-based Communication and Distributed Application Configuration


  • Lecture: Net-based Applications, Universität Stuttgart, WT06/07
  • Lab: Intelligent and Interactive Screens, Universität Bonn, ST08, ST09
  • Lab: Web-Development with Typo3, Universität Bonn, WT07/08
  • Lab: Distributed Application Development with Enterprise Java Beans, Universität Stuttgart, ST05, WT05/06
  • Exercise: High Performance Networking, Universität Bonn, ST09
  • Seminar: Pervasive Computing/Sensor Networks, Universität Bonn,  WT07/08, ST08, WT08/09, ST09
  • Lab: Microcomputer Systems, Universität Duisburg-Essen, WT09/10, ST10
  • Lab: Computer Architecture, Universität Duisburg-Essen, WT10/11, WT11/12, WT12/13, WT13/14
  • Project: Context Recognition with Mobile Devices, Universität Duisburg-Essen, WT09/10, ST10, WT10/11, ST11, WT11/12, ST12, WT12/13, ST13, WT13/14, WT14/15
  • Project: Context Prediction, Universität Duisburg-Essen, WT13/14
  • Project: Indoor Localization, Universität Duisburg-Essen, WT13/14
  • Project: Augmented Reality Navigation, Universität Duisburg-Essen, ST16, ST17
  • Project: Remote Rendering of Geospatial Data, Universität Duisburg-Essen, ST16/17
  • Seminar: Context Recognition, Universität Duisburg-Essen,  WT09/10, ST10, WT10/11, ST11, WT11/12, ST12, WT12/13, ST13, WT13/14, WT14/15, WT15/16, ST16, WT16/17
  • Case Study: Location-based Services, Universität Duisburg-Essen, ST14, ST15, ST16, ST17, ST18
  • Lecture: Pervasive Computing, WT15/16, WT16/17, WT17/18, WT18/19, ST19, ST20
  • Project Group: Location-based Services, WT17/18
  • Exercises: Programming Java, ST18, ST19, ST20
  • Exercises: Programming C/C++, WT18/19, WT19/20
  • Project: Android-based Robot Control, ST19
  • Project Group: Crowd Sourcing of Temperature Data, WT19/20

Bachelor Theses

  • Gathering and Matching of User Information Derived from Social Networks, March 2010
  • A System for Inertia-based Distance Estimation using Mobile Phones, July 2012
  • A System for Detecting the On-Body Placement of Mobile Phones, July 2012
  • An Android-based Board Game with Board Recognition, October 2012
  • A Visualization Tool for Localization Data, January 2013
  • A System for the Recognition of the Mode of Transportation using Mobile Phones, January 2013
  • A System for Audio-based Distributed Speaker Detection, May 2013
  • A BASE Extension for Spontaneous Device Interaction using Wi-Fi Direct, July 2013
  • A Framework for the Derivation of and Conflict Detection in Generic Privacy Policies from Social Networks, February 2014
  • System Support for Offline Maps on Android Devices, August 2014
  • A Smartphone-based Recognition System for Speed Limit Signs, August 2015

Master Theses

  • A Component System for Resource-efficient Context Recognition, August 2010
  • An Adaptive Protocol for Resource-efficient Data Synchronization, March 2012
  • Reference-based Indoor Localization using Passive RFID Technology, April 2012
  • Design and Evaluation of a Multi-modal Presence Detection System, May 2013
  • An Accurate Passive WLAN-based Localization System, November 2014
  • Automatic Detection of WLAN Signal Propagation Changes, January 2015
  • Robust Localization of Objects using Passive RFID, March 2015
  • An Extensible Engine for Adaptive Transit Routing, April 2015
  • Precise Person Tracking with Active RFID, April 2015


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