Dr. Jesús Capitán from the University of Seville visits NES

Dr. Jesús Capitán focuses his research on robotics and artificial intelligence, more concretely, on data fusion and decision-making for multi-robot systems. He has been collaborating with NES to promote different activities in the NES Robotics Lab.
First, he has helped establishing our indoor testbed for localizing and navigating drones in the lab. He has worked together with some NES members co-directing a couple of Master/Bachelor theses where students have implemented methods for the localization of the drones and for collision avoidance.
Second, he has been collaborating with some NES members in our research lines related to robotics. As a result, we have submitted a joint work to a robotics journal about collision avoidance methods for multi-robot systems. Besides, he works together with us on developing new algorithms for intelligent and autonomous calibration of WiFi maps with multiple robots. This is of uttermost importance for the localization methods in which NES has been working lately.
 Finally, Dr. Jesús Capitán has taught during this Summer Semester our Seminar on Autonomous Robot Navigation, where he addressed different topics mainly about indoor and outdoor robot localization, obstacle avoidance and path planning.