PECES Paper at the KUVS Fachgespräch “Verteilte Systeme in Smart Spaces”

The paper "Context-dependent Smart Space Formation in PECES" was presented at the KUVS Fachgespräch "Verteilte Systeme in Smart Spaces" which was held at the first of July at the TU Darmstadt. There, different concepts for the building, configuration and using of Smart Spaces were discussed. Additionally, the term "Smart Space" was discussed and different models of describing the meaning of the term were presented.
Most existing middleware systems for pervasive computing enable the interaction between devices that are located within a limited spatial area such as a room or a building. Devices residing in this area can freely cooperate, for example, by sharing resources through service abstractions. In the past, this approach has been proven to be suitable for enabling smart meeting or class rooms. The PECES middleware extends this approach by building upon role assignment as a more expressive and uniform mechanism to form groups of interacting devices. Instead of fixing group formation to a particular spatial area, role assignment enables applications to form dynamic groups in a context-dependent manner. The groups can be composed hierarchically to allow the interaction of devices at distant locations connected via the Internet.