Self-healing Networked Embedded Systems

Increasingly more micro-computers are being embedded into everyday objects. Consumers are benefiting from this technology due to its wireless communication capabilities. However, for this vision to become a more pervasive reality, these embedded networked computers have to become not only smaller and cheaper, but they should also be low-maintenance. Unfortunately, miniaturization and cost reduction lead to unreliable hardware, which in turn means higher maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the new systems are expected to be deployed in potentially harsh environments, for example exposure to heat, radiation, mechanical stress or radio interference. Miscalculating the compensation for these sources of errors can lead to major failures.

So far, the industry has tackled such problems with redundancy and expensive and complex hardware. But this contradicts the miniaturization and cost reduction goals. The approach of SEVERE is to develop a combination of hardware and software so that miscalculations and erroneous data can be tolerated. This means that systems can heal themselves of such errors in a short time without needing a human administrator. In order to accomplish this, SEVERE aims at rethinking from scratch the interface between hardware and software.


NameSelf-healing Networked Embedded Systems
Duration30.06.2011 - 30.12.2012
FundingMercator Research Center Ruhr
ContactDr. Marco Zuniga