Networked Embedded Systems Seminar

Tutor: The researchers of NES
This seminar aims to familiarize student with important research topics related to collaborating embedded devices in the areas of pervasive computing and sensor networks. The covered topics include: context-aware systems and algorithm, energy-efficient routing, localization, sensing coverage and communication connectivity, multi-channel communication, sensor networks simulation, sensor network monitoring, modeling techniques on radio models, mobility models and sensing modalities, context recognition, activity recognition, context privacy, location detection using different technologies, signal processing, etc.

This seminar is offered on the bachelor level. The student needs to select one of above topics and to perform in-depth research study on the chosen topic. By the end of the semester, the student is required to turn in a well-written report and to prepare an oral presentation to demonstrate the result of the study. The seminar is given in English and German.

If you want to take part in the seminar, please write an e-mail to Carina Kratz, with the topics that you are interested in, she will give you further information to the kick-off meetings.

The kickoff meetings for this seminar will take place on Thursday, 12.4.2012. Participation in this meeting is mandatory.