Sensor Networks

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Exercises: Songwei Fu
This lecture describes the fundamental concepts of sensor networks and how they differ from traditional networked systems that do not take energy and resource constraints into account. During the experiments, the students will deal with real-world deployments of sensor networks and use real sensor nodes to understand better the effects of real-world phenomena in aspects like link quality, localization, etc.

Place and Time:

  • Place:  S-A 018 (Lecture), S-A 018 (Exercises)
  • Lecture: weekly Wednesday 12:00-14:15 s.t.
  • Exercises: biweekly Wednesday  14:15- 16:00 s.t.

The first lecture is held on April 15th 2015; the first exercises on April 15th.

Entry in LSF: Lecture und Exercise

More information can be found on our Moodle2 page. The password will be announced in the first lecture and in the exercises.