Master Project: Augmented Reality Navigation

Tutor: Marcus Handte 

With their broad variety of sensors and their ability to render 3D models in real time, modern smart phones are an interesting platform to support augmented reality visualizations. In order to overlay a virtual 3D world on top of camera images of the physical world, it is necessary to properly capture the user’s orientation using the sensors built into the device and to adjust the model accordingly.

In this project, the participants will develop a navigation application for Android devices that leverages OpenStreetMap data to route the user to a configurable destination. In addition to the widely used map-based visualization, the application will include an augmented reality visualization that overlays the remaining route on top of a video generated by the device’s camera. While creating the application, participants will have to work with the sensor framework provided by Android and they will have to learn the basics of Open GL.

This course may be held in German and English depending on the number and type of participants. The project is suitable for students at the master level. If you want to participate in the project, please send an email to