Bachelor Project: Android-based Robot Control

Tutor: Marcus Handte, Alexander Golkowski

TurtleBot 3 is a low-cost, open source robot kit that can be used to realize a broad spectrum of different robotic applications. A TurtleBot typically integrates different actuators, e.g. motors that drive the robot’s wheels, sensors, e.g. a LIDAR or an IMU, a base controller and a battery. To implement the application logic, the base controller is often connected to a PC which runs software components to perform core functions such as localization, mapping and navigation, among others.

The goal of this project is to develop a more cost-efficient solution for application development by replacing the PC platform with a mobile phone based on Android. Towards this end, students will be designing and implementing a communication mechanism between the base controller of the TurtleBot 3 platform and an Android phone that enables the mobile phone to receive the sensor data and to control the connected actuators. During the project, students will become familiar with the TurtleBot robot kit and mobile application development.

Participants in this course are expected to be highly motivated and must have a solid understanding of the Java programming language. In addition, participants should be able to work with C. Note that due to the limited availability of TurtleBot hardware, the number of participants in this project is strictly limited. If you want to participate in this course, please send an email to to indicate your interest.

This course may be held in German and English depending on the participants. The project is suitable for students at the bachelor level. If you are not sure whether you fulfill the requirements or if you have any questions, please send an email to

Find information in LSF.

The kickoff meeting for this project will take place in S-A 126 on April, 11th from 10h to 12h. Participation in the kickoff meeting is mandatory.