Pervasive Computing

Lecturer: Dr. Marcus HandteExercises: Dr. Marcus Handte  

This lecture at the Master level covers the fundamentals of past and recent pervasive computing research with a specific focus on the following areas:

  • System-support and programming abstractions for adaptive distributed applications
  • Recognition, modelling and management aspects of contextual information
  • Novel user interface examples and guidelines for pervasive computing applications

Students participating in this course should have at least basic knowledge in the areas of networking and database technology. Knowledge in machine learning and human-computer-interaction could be beneficial but is not mandatory.

The practical exercises will focus system-support for adaptive distributed applications. As part of the exercises, students will be developing a communication middleware for spontaneously networked devices using an object-oriented programming language such as Java or C#.

Place and Time:

  • Lecture: Tuesdays (starting in the first week of the lecture period), from 10:00h to 12:00h in SE 407
  • Exercises: Thursdays (starting in the first week of the lecture period), from 14:00h to 16:00h in SE 407

More Information:

The moodle page of the course is available here. The subscription password will be given out during the first lecture. Detailed information about the contents and organization of the course will be given out during the first lecture. The date of the first lecture will be announced on the page at the beginning of April. If you have further questions, feel free to contact

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