Winter Term 2009/10

Embedded Systems

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón
This lecture and the associated practical exercises convey the fundamentals of system-level application development. The lecture provides a brief review of embedded systems applications and hardware. Furthermore, it provides an in-depth discussion of various operating system abstractions such as processes, threads, IPC, etc. At the end, the lecture discusses and contrasts specific examples of operating systems for embedded systems.

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Microcomputer Systems Lab

Tutor: Marcus Handte
The lab extends the lecture Microcomputer Systems with practical experiments. During the experiments, participants of the lab will implement small programs for an ATMEL micro-controller using assembler and C. The lab provides participants with hands-on experience on software development for simple embedded systems. At the end of the lab, participants will be able to interpret the product documentation of a micro-controller to an extent that enables them to develop simple applications.

As announced earlier, this course has started on Friday, November 13th. The course is closed which means that participation is no longer possible. All information about this course is distributed via the Moodle web page which can only be accessed by registered participants.