Summer Term 2018

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Autonomous Navigation for Middle-size Robots Project

Tutor: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Contact: Eduardo Ferrera Nowadays, mobile robots are used in many applications, such as rescue missions, surveillance or people assistance. In these applications, robots usually need to operate in unknown environments, so they need to obtain information with their sensors and take intelligent decisions. In […]

Project Group: Smart Environments

Tutor: Dr. Matteo Ceriotti The Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical System technologies are enabling the embedding of processing, communication and sensing capabilities in everyday environment. This project group targets the use of such technology to prototype an environment able to understand the events happening in it After a series of […]

Programmierung A / B

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Exercises: Dr. Marcus Handte, Sascha Jungen In dieser Vorlesung werden grundlegende Programmiertechniken in einer objektorientierten, modernen Programmiersprache (Java) besprochen. Inhalte im Einzelnen: Einführung und grundlegende Struktur von Programmen Lexikalische Elemente, Datentypen und Variablen, Ausdrücke und Anweisungen Objektorientierte Programmierung: Klassen, Methoden, Vererbung, Interfaces, Abstrakte Klassen, […]

Sensor Networks / Kommunikationsnetze 2

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Exercises: Songwei Fu This lecture describes the fundamental concepts of sensor networks and how they differ from traditional networked systems that do not take energy and resource constraints into account. During the experiments, the students will deal with real-world deployments of sensor networks and […]

Operating Systems Design and Implementation for IoT Devices

Lecturer and exercises: Prof. Rasit Eskicioglu (University Manitoba, Canada) This is an advanced on operating systems design and implementation. It will provide an in-depth discussion of today’s operating systems for resource constrained hardware as they are used in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). The first part of the […]

Wireless Sensor Network Seminar

Tutor: Dr. Matteo Ceriotti Computing and communicating devices become smaller and smaller; they moved from desks to everybody’s pocket; ultimately, they become embedded in the environment that surrounds our everyday life. This vision has been addressed under different names, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) being one of them. As this happens, we become capable of […]

Case Study: Location-based Services

Lecturer: Dr. Marcus Handte This case study covers fundamental concepts related to the development of location-based services from a theoretical and practical perspective. During the first half of the semester, basic models, algorithms, data structures and applications are introduced in a series of lectures with associated programming exercises. During the […]