A TrainSense testbed related demo presented in IPSN 2014

The demo paper title: Demonstration abstract: A lightweight, portable device with integrated USB-Host support for reprogramming wireless sensor nodes
Authors: Hugues Smeets, Time Meurer, Chia-Yen Shih, Pedro José Marrón
Node reprogramming serves as an important service to support post-deployment code management and maintenance for unattended wireless sensor networks or autonomous robotics applications. We present a prototype of a design framework called SHAMPU, a Single chip Host for Autonomous Mote Programming over USB. A SHAMPU device is portable and can be paired with a sensor node for post-deployment reprogramming that is OS independent. Moreover, it is small, lightweight and energy efficient. In the demo, we will present two scenarios, in which SHAMPU-paired Telosbs are integrated with a mobile flying robot and locomotives for local autonomous reprogramming by the flying robot and for network reprogramming with code dissemination via the data links on the tracks, respectively.