Bit, Byts, Big Data: Blessing or Curse? – Prof. Marrón at the Moerser Universitätstagen

The conflict on the Internet between individual security and ongoing monitoring is the focus of the 29. Moerser Universitätstage, a joint series of research talks organized by the UDE and the Sparkasse Niederrhein. On October 27th Prof. Pedro José Marrón from the University Duisburg-Essen will talk about the question "Bits Byts, Big Data: Blessing or Curse?". On November 3rd the research talk will be pursued by a panel discussion between Prof. Marrón, Dr. Andreas Metzger (UDE), Prof. Kathtarina Morik (TU Dortmund) and Carola Hannusch (Schauspielhaus Essen). Start: on both days at 8 p.m. Location: Sparkasse am Niederrhein, Ostring 4-7 in Moers. Find more information here.