EU Project AWARE receives EUROP/EURON Tech Transfer Award

More than 250 roboticists from industry and academia accompanied by members of the European Commission gathered for the first joint EURON/EUROP meeting. Starting from the product vision and technologies described in the EUROP Strategic Research Agenda, the main focus was on closing the gap between industrial needs and academic research.
The highlight of the second day was the Technology Transfer Session where the six finalists for the EUROP/EURON Tech Transfer Award presented their work.
AWARE achieved the second prize in a strong field and we are especially happy since it was the only research project receiving one of the three awards.
The general objective of AWARE is the design, development and evaluation of a platform providing the middleware and the functionalities required for the cooperation among aerial flying objects, i.e. autonomous helicopters, and a ground sensor-actuator wireless network, including mobile nodes carried by people and vehicles. The platform enables the operation in sites with difficult access and without communication infrastructure and is especially suited for disaster and civil safety scenarios. For more information about AWARE, please visit this site or the AWARE project home page.

The winners and the jury of the EUROP/EURON Tech Transfer Awards with AWARE project coordinator Anibal Ollero holding the second prize (source)