Invited PLANET paper presented at S-Cube, Lucca, Italy

The paper titled "IRIS: A Flexible and Extensible Experiment Management and Data Analysis Tool for Wireless Sensor Networks" was written by the authors Richard Figura, Chia-Yen Shih, Songwei Fu, Roberta Daidone, Sascha Jungen and Pedro José Marrón. It describes the experiment management and data analysis tool called IRIS and how this tool can be used for simplifying the development and testing procedure of wireless sensor network applications.

Performing field experiments is a key step to validate the design of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) application and to evaluate its performance under various conditions. We present an experiment management and data analysis tool called IRIS that offers effective management of various configuration settings for WSN experiments. One special feature of IRIS is its extensibility. That is, IRIS allows the developer to define customized functions for application-specific data analysis and performance evaluation. Other main features include:
enabling the interaction with the deployed WSN at runtime for fine tuning the experiments and providing graphical presentation for visualizing the collected data as well as the processed results. We highlight the advantages of IRIS for the WSN application development in different experiment phases. Furthermore, we demonstrate the usefulness of IRIS with two real-life WSN applications to show that IRIS can be integrated to develop an application and can greatly help in performing experiments more efficiently.