Prof. Rasit Eskicioglu from the University of Manitoba, Canada gives a lecture at UDE

In 2014 the University Duisburg-Essen and the University of Manitoba agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding, lead managed by Prof. Marrón and Prof. Eskicioglu, to foster the collaboration between both Universities. Within this collaboration this year`s visit was already the third visit of Prof. Eskicioglu at the University Duisburg-Essen.
Prof. Eskicioglu held a six weeks lecture titled „Operating Systems Design and Implementation”. The lecture covered 4 SWS lectures and 4 SWS exercises for graduate students. The lecture deepened the lecture for bachelor students already existing at UDE and is based on material of the MIT. The lecture ended with a written exam. Further, every other week, he met with three students who could not attend certain lab times, so that they could finish the course successfully too.
The course was a senior level course that provides an in-depth examination of design and implementation of today`s operating systems. The course was organised in three parts: lectures, labs and readings. The first part of the lectures introduced a simple, but functional operating system, called xv6 (x86 version 6), which is a re-implementation (at MIT) of Unix Version 6, which was developed in the 1970`s. Within the labs computers are used to study the source code of xv6, as well as developing our own operating system, called JOS. The readings included reviewing advanced topics through reading several research papers on operating systems.
Besides the lecture Prof. Eskicioglu also collaborated with the members of the group in different research topics. Fruitful discussion about future collaborations took place to foster and develop the cooperation not only in further visits on both sides but also beyond that. Prof. Eskicioglu will visit the group continuous to give lectures and to push the research collaboration.
Moreover several options of cooperation for students and researchers were discussed. E.g. different programs were talked about for graduate students and PhD funding the student exchange between Canada and Germany. Two projects were already specified and requested to substantiate the student exchanges.