Successful completion of Living++ and HomeSys publication

After 2 years of networked embedded systems research and development, the Living++ project has been completed successfully. The members of the Living++ project developed an intuitive platform to use novel devices in an integrated manner that can be controlled remotely via a television. The Living++ platform can provide a number of services which empower elderly people to monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, etc., monitor important activities such as application of medicine, detect falls and report them to relatives, neighbors or doctors, or even get reminded of important dates and appointments. An recent technical overview of the Living++ platform can be found in a new publication by Muhammad Umer Iqbal, Ngewi Fet, Stephan Wagner, Marcus Handte and Pedro José Marrón titled Living++: A Platform for Assisted Living Applications which will be presented at the HomeSys 2013 Workshop on Design, Technology, Systems and Applications for the Home at UbiComp 2013 in September 2013.