Sucessful completion of WebDA and PMC publication

After 3 years of system design, development and user testing, the WebDA project has finally delivered the envisioned integrated platform for novel services to train the cognitive abilities and to reduce the cognitive load of the elderly, to better structure their everyday tasks and to detect and signal emergency situations. Within the WebDA project, researchers of NES developed RFID-based indoor localization systems that can be used to localize lost objects and to detect emergency situations. A recent technical overview of one of the two WebDA localization approaches can be found in a new publication by Stephan Wagner, Marcus Handte, Marco Zuniga and Pedro José Marrón which is titled "Enhancing the performance of indoor localization using multiple steady tags" and appears in Pervasive and Mobile Computing, vol. 9 no. 3, page 392 – 405, 2013.