Elderly people are often overwhelmed with the usage of current technical devices such as smart phones, for example. To counter this problem, the Living++ project aims at developing an intuitive platform to use such devices in an integrated manner that can be controlled remotely via a television. The Living++ platform will provide a number of services which empower elderly people to:

  • Monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, etc.
  • Monitor important activities such as application of medicine
  • Detect falls and report them to relatives, neighbors or doctors
  • Detect dangerous situations such as fire or gas leaks
  • Get reminded of important dates and appointments

Towards this goal, the Living++ project develops a central control unit, the so-called Living++ Digital Television Device, which collects information through a sensor network and a body area network and visualizes the collected data via a television.

Living Scope


Duration31.05.2011 - 30.05.2014
ContactDr. Marcus Handte