Research Interests

  • Sensor Networks
  • Adaptive Systems
  • System Software for embedded systems
  • Data Management in mobile environments
  • Hoarding / Caching
  • Ubiquitous/Pervasive Computing
  • Semi-structured databases

Successful Project Proposals

  • EU-Project “Embedded WiSeNTs” (1/2 BAT IIa position for 2 years).
  • Cooperation with “Institut für Bauwesen” as part of the EU-Project “Sustainable Bridges” (1 1/2 BAT IIa positions for 2 years).
  • Research Award as part of the Elite-Förderungsprogramm from Land Baden-Württemberg (1/2 BAT IIa position for 2 years).
  • Research Support from “Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg” for the project “KonSens: Strukturüberwachung von sicherheitsrelevanten Konstruktionen mit drahtlosen Sensornetzwerken” (1/2 BAT IIa position for 1 year).
  • EU-Project “EMMA: Embedded Middleware in Mobility Applications” (2 BAT IIa positions for 2.5 years).
  • EU-Project “AWARE: Platform for Autonomous self-deploying and operation of Wireless sensor-actuator networks cooperating with AeRial objEcts” (2 1/2 BAT IIa positions for 3 years).
  • EU-Project “CONET: Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence”
  • EU-Project “PECES: Pervasive Computing in Embedded Systems”
  • EU-Project “PLANET”