Wireless Sensor Network Seminar

Tutor: Dr. Matteo Ceriotti, Dr. Chia-Yen Shih
This seminar aims to familiarize student with important research topics in Wireless Sensor Networks. The covered topics include: routing, localization, sensing coverage and communication connectivity, multi-channel communication, sensor networks simulation, modeling techniques on radio models, mobility models and sensing modalities, camera sensor networks.

This seminar is offered as a bachelor and a master seminar. It cannot be chosen by master AI-SE students. The student needs to select one of above topics and to perform in-depth research study on the chosen topic. By the end of the semester, the student is required to turn in a well-written report and to prepare an oral presentation to demonstrate the result of the study.

For further information about the seminar, please contact Dr. Matteo Ceriotti at matteo.ceriotti@uni-due.de.

The first meeting for the seminar will take place in Room SA126 at 14:30-16:00 on Tuesday, 15.04.2014. It is mandatory to attend the first meeting in order to participate the seminar.