Seminar: Batteryless Internet of Things

Tutors: Dr. Matteo Zella, Sayedsepehr Mosavat

The dependence of the Internet of Things technology on rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries poses a great challenge towards the large-scale deployment of such devices. This stems from the fact that maintaining/exchanging batteries in large quantities is a cumbersome task and also not environmentally responsible.

To deal with such issues, one possible alternative would be the batteryless operation of such devices based on harvested energy from the environment. In this way, the devices operate opportunistically as soon as they have accumulated enough energy.

In this seminar, we will investigate the challenges that such an opportunistic operation model would introduce to such systems and possible ways to mitigate the problems arising from these difficulties. The topics will be including, but not limited to timekeeping in absence of power, low power communication methods such as wake-up radios, the security of such systems on a node and system level, and energy-aware task scheduling and execution. Participants can select their preferred topics from the set of available ones.

This seminar is suitable for students at the bachelor level. Please also note that the maximum number of participants is limited in this seminar. The students attending this seminar can prepare their material in either English or German, depending on their language preference. If you have questions regarding this seminar, please send an email to

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The kickoff meeting for this project will take place in SA-126 on April, 6th from 10 to 12.

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19, the seminar kickoff meeting will be held in an online format on April, 21st from 10 to 12. In order to join the kickoff meeting and the course, it is necessary for the participants to send an email to for the initial registration. You will then be added to the Moodle course, where the procedures and the seminar material will be made available.