Project Group: SAFER: Smart bAttery-FrEe dooRplates

Tutors: Dr. Matteo Zella, Sayedsepehr Mosavat

The Internet of Things is increasingly influencing our everyday life with a great number of wireless devices able to serve us in countless application scenarios… until they run out of battery! In our research, we developed extremely energy-efficient wireless devices able to operate without any batter, forever.

In this project group, we will design and implement a system made of networked, batteryless door plates. Each door plate will base on an energy-efficient core that exploits innovative wireless radio components from the Fraunhofer research institute. The ability to communicate wirelessly will allow the single devices to exchange information with each other as well as reach services running in the cloud.

Finally, this core platform will be extended with E-Paper displays to present a rich set of information to the users. Additional sensors can also be integrated to support further application scenarios as identified directly by the project participants.

From a technical perspective, the project will encompass the development of embedded tasks running on the door plates as well as cloud services coordinating the system functionality. A central focus will be placed on the energy-efficiency of the door plates operation. This will be also supported by Fraunhofer through dedicated tutorials on their unique wireless technology. From a theoretical perspective, we will learn about hot research topics in the field of battery-less operation and energy harvesting. In particular, the participants will be introduced to Intermittent Computing as a novel paradigm of designing and building embedded systems. As a result of the project, we expect to realise a system that will be running at the NES chair… forever 😉

This project group is only suitable for AI-SE master students. The admission to this course is managed centrally.

If you have questions, please send an email to Matteo Zella.