Project development with ANT radios

Tutor: Dr. Rasit Eskicioglu

The work in this course will be organized in the form of a collaborative project. The students will build teams of up to 3 participants that work together with the other teams in order to build a complex networked system. The extent of the project and the difficulty will be chosen depending on the number and background of participants. A maximum of 12 members will be selected in order to guarantee optimal learning conditions. In terms of content, the students will work on the basis functionality of a networked intelligent environment using as a concrete example the implementation of an intelligent fitness studio. In it, all machines are connected to the Internet and are able to communicate with each other and with the people in the work out area. The students will have to design the system from scratch using ANT modules, divide the work and collaborate with each both in the design and in the implementation.

The kickoff meeting for this project will take place in Room S-A 126 at 10:00 h (to 12.00 h) on Monday, 13.10.2014. Participation in this meeting is mandatory.