Remote Rendering of Geospatial Data Project

Tutor: Marcus Handte 

Fueled by the proliferation of mobile devices with built-in GPS receivers, location-based services and applications have become an important application domain. Due to the volume of the geospatial data that is required to generate detailed visualizations for larger areas, many location-based web and mobile applications are relying on a server-centric approach to map rendering in which a server takes care of data storage, indexing, retrieval and rendering. This reduces the client-side functionality to providing a dynamic viewport on the images that are made available through the server. While this approach has turned out to be effective for many use cases, the resulting lack of structured information can severely limit the interactivity of an application.

In this project, students will restructure an existing server-centric rendering pipeline to realize an alternative split of responsibilities. Thereby, the server shall take care of providing the geospatial data directly to the client and the client shall take care of the actual rendering process. For this, the server must be extended with suitable data models and interfaces that enable the dynamic retrieval of the underlying geospatial data for the current view port. Within this project, students will get in touch with geo spatial data models (e.g. OSM XML). They will use modern web frameworks to implement web services (e.g. JAX-RS) and they will learn the fundamentals of graphics and media frameworks (Java 2D, Java ImageIO).

The project is suitable for students at the master level. If you want to participate, please contact