Wireless Sensor Network Seminar

Tutor: Dr. Matteo Ceriotti

This seminar aims at familiarizing students with important research topics in Wireless Sensor Networks. The covered topics include, among others, routing, localization, sensing coverage and communication connectivity, multi-channel communication, sensor networks simulation, radio models, mobility models, sensing modalities, and camera sensor networks.

Participants will have to do a literature research and they will have to create a high quality written report. Furthermore, they will have to give an oral presentation of their topics.

This seminar is suitable for students at the bachelor and master/diploma level. However, it cannot be chosen by master AI-SE students. This seminar is given in English. Please also note that the maximum number of participants is limited. If you want to participate in this seminar or you have questions regarding it, please send an email to matteo.ceriotti@uni-due.de.

LSF entry: Seminar

The kickoff meeting for this seminar will take place on Monday, 17.10.2016 between 13.00h and 14.00h in Room S-A 126Participation in this meeting is mandatory.