Project Group: Location-based Services

Tutor: Marcus Handte

This project group covers fundamental concepts related to the development of location-based services in theory and practice.

During the first part, basic models, algorithms, data structures and applications are introduced in a series of lectures. In addition, the participants will prepare 30-minute talks on basic technologies that will be used in the project.

During the second part, the participants will be jointly designing, implementing and evaluating a location-based service consisting of a mobile application, a web service and a web-based application.

The theoretical part of the project group covers the following contents:

  • Geometric, symbolic and hybrid location models
  • Localization systems and algorithms for outdoor and indoor environments
  • (Energy-)efficient location acquisition and communication
  • Server-based location data management
  • Privacy aspects related to location information
  • Example location-based services and applications

The practical part of the project group will be based on the following technologies:

Students participating in this course should have good programming skills in at least one object-oriented language and should be familiar with HTTP.

The number of participants in this course ranges between 6 and 10. The admission to this course is managed centrally.

More information is available on the moodle page of the course which is available here. If you have any questions, please contact