Project Group: Crowd Sourcing of Temperature Data

The goal of this project group is the design, implementation and evaluation of a crowd sourcing service for temperature information. The service consists of applications that are able to capture temperature measurements and location information autonomously on behalf of their users, a backend that is able to store, process and anonymize the temperature information gathered through the devices and, a web-based application that enables interested third parties to visualize and access the measurements.

The theoretical part of the project group covers fundamental concepts related to the development of location-based services in theory and practice. This includes basic models, algorithms, data structures and applications which are introduced in a series of lectures covering the following contents:

  • Geometric, symbolic and hybrid location models
  • Localization systems and algorithms for outdoor and indoor environments
  • (Energy-)efficient location acquisition and communication
  • Server-based location data management
  • Privacy aspects related to location information
  • Example location-based services and applications

In addition, the participants will prepare individual seminar talks and papers on selected research topics related to privacy-preserving crowd sensing as well as the processing of temperature and location information.

The practical part of the project group will be based on the following technologies:

Students participating in this course should have good programming skills in at least one object-oriented language and should be familiar with HTTP.

The number of participants in this course ranges between 6 and 10. The admission to this course is managed centrally.

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