Bachelor Project: Vision-based Traffic-Scene Surveillance

Tutors: Bijan Shahbaz Nejad and Peter Roch

The goal of this bachelor project is to familiarize students with basic problems related to the surveillance of traffic-scenes. Within the project, participants will be implementing different surveillance-related tasks, such as speeding detection on highways or parking lot monitoring.

Thereby, students will get in touch with the OpenCV library that implements a broad range of computer vision algorithms, most notably neural networks, feature-matching or image manipulation.

Participants in this course are expected to be highly motivated and must have a solid understanding of one programming language, knowledge of programming in Java or C++ are of advantage. Note that the number of participants in this project is strictly limited. If you want to participate in this course, please send an email to or to indicate your interest. You will then be added to the Moodle course, where the procedures and the project material will be made available. The kick-off meeting will take place on 12.10.2021 at 12.00 am in room SA-215, further registration is not possible. Participation in the kickoff meeting is mandatory.

This course may be held in German and English depending on the participants. The project is suitable for students at the bachelor level. If you are not sure whether you fulfill the requirements or if you have any questions, please send an email to or