SmartKYE - Second Review Successful (10.12.2014)

The SmartKYE project (Smart Grid Key Neighborhood Indicator Cockpit) has shown good progress in the second project review conducted on site of one of the demonstration areas in Heraklion, Crete. SmartKYE's strategic goal is to develop a system for the future smart grid...[more]

Patent-registered Localisation services (09.12.2014)

Three Researchers of the University Duisburg-Essen have found the answer to a up to now unsolved fingerprinting problem. The method is unique because a fast installation and calibration of the infrastructure of a new environment is possible.[more]

SMART-ACTION: New insights from IoT360 workshops (11.11.2014)

SMART-ACTION was present at the IoT360 summit in Rome with two events: [more]

IRIS published as open source project on GitHub! (14.10.2014)

IRIS is an integrated and flexible solution for experiment management and data analysis for Wireless Sensor Networks. For an end user, IRIS provides routines for automated installation of TinyOS...[more]

2nd version of the GAMBAS application prototype (14.10.2014)

The initial round of tests of the 2nd version of the GAMBAS application prototype in Madrid have been completed successfully. Among other changes that improve the overall responsiveness, usability and robustness of the prototype, the 2nd version features a complete new set of...[more]

PLANET Final Automated Airfield experiment at ATLAS in Sep, 2014 (08.10.2014)

The last set of PLANET field experiments have been conducted at ATLAS ( to carry out the Automated Airfield application scenario. The experiments cover the aspects including peer-to-peer communication between UAVs for landing...[more]

New Teaching information (02.10.2014)

The new teaching Information for the winter term 2014/2015 is now available.[more]

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