New GAMBAS publication at First International Conference on IoT in Urban Space (Urb-IoT 2014), 27–28 October 2014 , Rome, Italy, ACM. (02.10.2014)

We are happy to announce the availability of the following new GAMBAS publications on micro navigation and mobility pattern prediction:[more]

New staff member of NES Group (22.09.2014)

On April 1st and Sep 15th 2014 we could welcome two new staff member to the NES Group, Matteo Ceriotti as a Senior Researcher and Sascha Jungen as a Researcher.[more]

Visit in Changzhou, China in cooperation with the Essen Economic Developtment Agency (Essener Wirtschaftsförderung) (10.09.2014)

Prof. Pedro José Marrón from the University Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Computer Science was invited to join the visit to Changzhou, China to deepen the cooperation between the Essen Economic Developtment Agency (Essener Wirtschaftsförderung) and the City of Changzhou, China.[more]

PLANET Final environment monitoring experiment in Doñana Biological Reserve (DBR) in April, 2014 (09.09.2014)

This year, we finished the last set of PLANET experiments in DBR, Spain using unmanned aerial/ground vehicles (UAVs/UGVs) and sensor networks. The experiments cover node deployment using UAVs, horse data retrieval using UAVs/UGVs, water sampling using a helicopter and network monitoring. For the...[more]

PLANET in the IOT Successful Stories series #1, presented at the IOT week 2014 in June, London (09.09.2014)

Title: Animals and Environment monitoring using cooperating objects platform[more]

A TrainSense testbed related demo presented in IPSN 2014 (09.09.2014)

We presented a demo in the 13th ACM/IEEE International Conference, IPSN, 15-17 April 2014, Berlin Germany. The demo paper is published in the proceedings of the 13th International Symposium on Information Processing in Sensor Networks, IPSN-14 [more]

Book chapter in a Springer Book, “Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks 2014” (09.09.2014)

We presented the PLANET project regarding the cooperation between the mobile robots and sensor networks in a book chapter included in a Springer book, Cooperative Robots and Sensor Networks 2014. [more]

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