Yearly Archives: 2011

PECES Paper presented at the CONTEXT 2011 conference

The short paper called "A Peer-based Approach to Privacy-Preserving Context Management" was presented at the CONTEXT conference (CONTEXT 2011) in Karlsruhe, Germany. It describes how the PECES Middleware covers context  management in a privacy-preserving manner while showing that it is capable to run on resource-constrained devices such as sensors. The conference […]

Welcome to the NES Group

Ms Carina Kratz is our new colleague in the project administration office. She will join the group working on the administrativ and financial issues of our projects, organizing events and meetings etc. Mr. Ngewi Fet received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering in August 2011 from the University Duisburg-Essen in the field of Reliable Systems and is […]

PECES Paper presented at the Intelligent Environments 2011 conference

The paper called "Supporting Environment Configuration using Generic Role Assignment" was presented at the Intelligent Environments conference (IE’11) in Nottingham. It describes mechanisms used in the PECES project that can be used to configure environments using context information. The conference was held for the 7th time, this year at the […]

PECES middleware open source release

The source code of the middleware developed by the PECES project has been released. Using generic role assignment, the middleware supports the dynamic formation as well as the secure and trustworthy interaction of smart spaces across the Internet. A detailed description as well as concrete usage examples can be found on the PECES Googlecode website […]

NOBEL Survey initiated

Currently, electricity is mainly generated by a few far-off high-capacity generators. However, due to environmental concerns, electrical energy is increasingly being produced by small scale generators located close to the point-of-use. This decentralized model for energy generation will bring with it many challenges to maintain grid robustness. The NOBEL project […]

CONET: Third Review

The European research project "Cooperating Objects Network of Excellence" (CONET) was reviewed in Brussels in July 2011. This was the third review of this project, conducted by the European Commission and it was very successful. The project partner Technische Universität Berlin has shown a demo of the federated testbed and AICIA from Spain has shown a demo of the integrated […]

Paper accepted at IEEE MASS 2011

The 8th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE MASS 2011) will be held in Valencia, Spain on October 17-22. The acceptance rate is 20%. The paper investigates efficient synchronization algorithms to increase the speed and scalability of cycle-accurate wireless sensor network emulation. Paper Abstract: Cycle-accurate emulation […]

Flavio Fabbri passed his PhD

Congratulation to our Member Flavio Fabbri who has passed his Phd successfully on May 23rd, 2011. He finalized his doctoral thesis at the University of Bologna, Italy. The title of his thesis is "Environmental Opportunistic Wireless Networks.