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Seminar: Intelligent Web

Tutors: Dr. Marcus Handte, Arman Arzani Artificial intelligence has been conquering the industry in the last decade. It powers most of today’s high-tech products. It fuels our smartphone’s speech/face recognition, ranks our web search results as in a simple google search, and recommends relevant videos and content to its users. […]

Project Group: Acoustic Indoor Localization

Tutors: Dr. Marcus Handte, Alexander Julian Golkowski Pervasive Computing envisions context-aware systems and applications that adapt autonomously to the needs of their users. Knowledge about the location of persons and objects is often believed to be one of the most important prerequisites for context-aware adaptation. In outdoor settings, coarse grained […]

Rechnerstrukturen und Betriebssysteme

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Übungen: Alexander Julian Golkowski Die Vorlesung ist zweigeteilt. Die Vorlesungsinhalte mit dem Schwerpunkt Rechnerstrukturen werden vom Lehrstuhl HCI von Prof. Dr. Stefan Schneegaß vermittelt, die Inhalte mit dem Schwerpunkt Betriebssysteme vom Lehrstuhl NES von Prof. Dr. Pedro Marrón. Folgende Qualifikationen werden in der Vorlesung […]

Bachelor Project: Vision-based Traffic-Scene Surveillance

Tutors: Bijan Shahbaz Nejad and Peter Roch The goal of this bachelor project is to familiarize students with basic problems related to the surveillance of traffic-scenes. Within the project, participants will be implementing different surveillance-related tasks, such as speeding detection on highways or parking lot monitoring. Thereby, students will get […]

Systemnahe Informatik (Systems Programming)

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Exercises: Sayedsepehr Mosavat, Bijan Shahbaz Nejad Differently from application programming, whose focus is to develop software providing services to the user, systems programming addresses software that interacts with computer systems. In this sense, systems programming exposes the dependency between software and the hardware executing […]

Programmieren in C/C++

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Übungen: Carlos Medina Sanchez Die Veranstaltung (2V+2Ü) setzt die in den vorherigen Semestern gelernten grundlegenden Konzepte und Methoden der objektorientierten Programmierung (OOP) in C++ um. Inhalte im Einzelnen: OO-Analyse, -Design und -Modellierung mit UML C++ als Erweiterung von C Zeigerkonzepte Klassen, Klassen-Hierarchien, einfache und […]

Bachelor Project: Social Robotics

Tutor: Dr. Matteo Zella, Carlos Medina Sánchez Put yourself in the “shoes” of a robot meeting a person on its way… How would you understand what is the person doing and what his/her goals are? How would you plan your actions in this social context? How would you interact with […]

Project Group: SAFER: Smart bAttery-FrEe dooRplates

Tutors: Dr. Matteo Zella, Sayedsepehr Mosavat The Internet of Things is increasingly influencing our everyday life with a great number of wireless devices able to serve us in countless application scenarios… until they run out of battery! In our research, we developed extremely energy-efficient wireless devices able to operate without […]

Kommunikationsnetze 2

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Pedro José Marrón, Übungen: Dr. Matteo Zella In dieser Vorlesung werden Aspekte, Funktionen und Kommunikationsprotokolle TCP/IP-basierter Netze behandelt. Dabei werden einerseits bereits in „Kommunikationsnetze 1“ angesprochene Themen vertieft, andererseits werden aber auch dort nicht behandelte, für das heutige Internet wichtige Themenbereiche behandelt. Inhalte im Einzelnen: Überblick über […]