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Best Project Group Award for SAFER: Smart bAttery-FrEe dooRplates

We are very happy to announce that the students of the master’s project group “SAFER: Smart bAttery-FrEe dooRplates” have won the best project group award of the summer semester of 2022 at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics. In this project group, the students developed a system prototype for […]

MoWeSta App for iOS

We are happy to announce the general availablity of the MoWeSta app for the iOS platform. Funded as part of the FAIR project and developed by members of the Networked Embedded Systems group, the MoWeSta service enables users to automatically collect temperature and air pressure data by means of a […]

InnaMoRuhr Apps Updated

Over the last two weeks the InnaMoRuhr Apps for Android and iOS have received major updates in preparation of the first tests with external users. With the updated version, users can rate their trips to provide researchers with further insights on the quality and convenience of different mobility options in […]

TALAKO Pilot Inauguration

On Friday, May 20th, the TALAKO Pilot System was officially inaugurated in Cologne. Placed directly in front of the main train station in Cologne, the system enables the wireless charging of up to 6 electric taxi vehicles while they are waiting for passengers to arrive. The charging technology developed by […]

Upcoming Presentation at Wissenschaftsforum Mobilität 2022

We are pleased to announce that the NES group will be able to present its progress on the development of the InnaMoRuhr trip planning application as part of the 14th Research Forum Mobility at the Universität Duisburg-Essen. The presentation will be centered around the integration of public transport networks with […]

Best presenter of session at ICCCR 2022

Congratulations to Alexander Julian Golkowski, who was named the best presenter in his session at the 2022 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Computer, Control and Robotics. His topic: Simplifying the control of mobile robots through image-based behaviors  

MoIn Feasibility Study Concluded

On February 3rd, the members of the project consortium concluded the MoIn feasibility study on building a nationwide mobility index with its final presentation and demonstration. During the project, the members of the consortium analyzed the data availability and quality for different possible index criteria and further developed the initial […]

Paper published at Sensors (MDPI)

From Perception to Navigation in Environments with Persons: An Indoor Evaluation of the State of the Art Abstract: Research in the field of social robotics is allowing service robots to operate in environments with people. In the aim of realizing the vision of humans and robots coexisting in the […]

TALAKO Integration Started

On January 19th, members of the Networked Embedded Systems group at the Universität Duisburg-Essen and employees of INTIS, the developer of the inductive charging system used in the TALAKO project, started the integration tests for the upcoming deployment of an inductive charging system for taxis in Cologne. As part of […]