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BESOS – New Project funded by European Commission

The project is part of the EU FP7 program, whose main goal is the gradual reduction of the EU’s carbon footprint via development and application of new technologies, i.e. making the European economy more energy efficient and sustainable through use of advanced technology. In this context, the aim of BESOS […]

1st International IEEE Workshop on Pervasive Systems for Smart Cities

Cities and urban areas are an ideal platform for researchers and practitioners to test new technologies, concepts and applications. In Europe and the US, the population living in urban areas accounts for more than 75 percent. As a consequence, applications that are targeting urban areas can positively impact a significant […]

We have moved!

The Networked Embedded Systems Groups has moved. From Oct 9th, 2013 you can find us in Essen, Schützenbahn 70. Please check our Contact and Directions page for more information.


Energy efficient Smart cities rely on highly heterogeneous already deployed infrastructure and services – e.g., public lighting system, urban heating system, public buildings, electric vehicles, micro-generation, residential prosumers, etc. All these systems are currently managed by isolated Energy Management Systems (EMS), that hardly have capabilities to offer information and services […]


With the increasing miniaturization of communication devices and the proliferation of technologies such as smart phones or sensor networks, the concept of an Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a reality, especially with their integration into Smart Cities. The interdisciplinary nature of IoT work requires understanding, coordinating, supporting and engaging […]

Locoslab points the way

Who does not know: Everything is new, the building confusing and full of people – one is likely to get lost. Especially in airports, malls and fairs the orientation often is difficult. In this situation a localization app would be very useful, as they are already available outdoor. This is […]

NOBEL in José Manuel Barroso’s keynote at the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony 2013

We are very happy that Mr. José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, has chosen the NOBEL project as an example for a successful energy efficiency project for smart cities in his keynote address at the Covenant of Mayors Ceremony 2013. For the complete speech please visit  The NOBEL project with its demonstration and evaluation […]

NOBEL appears in the European booklet “ICT for Social Challenges”

This booklet highlights some of the many EU initiatives and co-funded research and innovation projects which address societal challenges through digital innovation, such as better healthcare, independent living for the elderly, delivering effective public services, energy saving, smart transport, secure internet, inclusion, preservation of cultural heritage. A showcase of policy […]

GAMBAS Workshop at IoT Week 2013

The GAMBAS consortium is pleased to announce that some impressions as well as the material of our workshop at IOT Week 2013 – Sensing the Great Wide Open: Adaptive Frameworks for Scalable Data Acquisition – is now available on the workshop page of the GAMBAS webpage. The workshop was well received […]