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FAIR Temperature Services

A goal of the FAIR project is to improve the data basis of the Deutsche Wetterdienst (DWD). In this context, researchers from NES are investigating the suitability of stationary and mobile devices for the automated acquisition of temperature data at a large scale. The technical basis for the processing of […]


Taxi vehicles are particularly suitable for electrification due to their potentially long waiting periods at taxi stops. However, existing charging solutions for electric vehicles require taxi drivers to manually initiate and stop the charging process by connecting and disconnecting a charging cable to a charging station. This makes the use of […]


Taxi vehicles are particularly suitable for electrification due to their potentially long waiting periods at taxi stops. During their waiting time, electric taxis can be optimally charged. Currently, however, taxi drivers are not sufficiently aware of the availability of charging possibilities in urban areas.In addition, there is no platform that […]

Location-based Services Project Released

The result of the master-level project on Location-based Services that took place during the winter term 2017/18 is now available for general use. In the project, students developed a location-based service that allows users to share their location with their friends and to analyze their location history. For more information […]


Weather and climate information are the basis of planning and decisions, both in the private and in the public sector. Depending on the application, climate time series (retrospective) or forecasts (prognostic) are required. In the future, a further increase in interest in usage is to be expected here. Since mid-2017, […]

Project Group: Crowd Sourcing of Temperature Data

The goal of this project group is the design, implementation and evaluation of a crowd sourcing service for temperature information. The service consists of applications that are able to capture temperature measurements and location information autonomously on behalf of their users, a backend that is able to store, process and […]

New Book on Adaptive Middleware for the Internet of Things

We are happy to announce the availability of a new book co-authored by members of the Networked Embedded Systems group. The book titled Adaptive Middleware for the Internet of Things – The GAMBAS Approach summarizes the main results of the GAMBAS research project. The book will be published as part […]

Project Group: Location-based Services

Tutor: Marcus Handte This project group covers fundamental concepts related to the development of location-based services in theory and practice. During the first part, basic models, algorithms, data structures and applications are introduced in a series of lectures. In addition, the participants will prepare 30-minute talks on basic technologies that […]