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Europe and the rest of the world share common goals towards energy efficiency and sustainability. Improving energy efficiency addresses the key energy challenges of climate change, energy security and competitiveness. Distributed generation of energy coming from various vendors, even private homes, is a big challenge and, at the same time, […]


The increasing number of devices that are invisibly embedded into our surrounding environment as well as the proliferation of wireless communication and sensing technologies are the basis for visions like ambient intelligence, ubiquitous and pervasive computing. The benefits of these visions and their undeniable impact on the economy and society […]


A number of different system concepts have gained a lot of relevance in the area of embedded systems over the past couple of years: embedded systems for robotics and control, pervasive computing and wireless sensor networks. These three types of quite diverse systems share a lot of commonalities but also […]


The general objective of the project is the design, development and experimentation of a platform providing the middleware and the functionalities required for the cooperation among aerial flying objects, i.e. autonomous helicopters, and a ground sensor-actuator wireless network, including mobile nodes carried by people and vehicles. The platform will enable […]


The EMMA project has an overarching goal of utilising new embedded middleware to support the underlying logic and communications required for future cooperating wireless objects and the applications they may support in the automotive and road transport domains. This trend in the deployment of digital processing widely into the environment […]